At Bonnell Cattle Company we have sale cattle available throughout the year. We are very excited about our current calves, and we invite all who are interested to come out to the farm and look around. Please call us at 812-378-0588 if you have any questions.

Tag 1 - Shorthorn Heifer
Sire: CF S/F Upperhand
Dam: BONL Sinful Pioneer (CF Pioneer x Sin City)
DOB: 01/05/2021
This heifer has been a standout since the day she was born and has been a crowd favorite of those that have seen her so far. A stout made easy feeding type of female that's still attractive made and sound structured. We are looking forward to seeing what this heifer can do this upcoming show season.

Tag 2 - Shorthorn Heifer
Sire: Aviator
Dam: MFS Zena Solution 26W
DOB: 01/13/2021
MFS Zena Solution 26W continues to be a cornerstone of our program here. We have several of her daughters in production and we couldn't be more pleased with BONL Authority's first calf crop. This January daughter of Little Cedar Avaitor is truly a unique breeding piece. A bold centered soft ribbed heifer that's massive down her top and out of her hip, yet still can get out and go. Don't miss out on this one!!

Tag 3 - Shorthorn Heifer
Sire: Aviator
Dam: MFS Zena Solution 26W
DOB: 01/13/2021
*WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HEIFER FOR A YOUNG OR INEXPERIENCED SHOWMAN* With that being said this is another big ribbed, easy keeping type of female that will be productive in the pasture.

Tag 4 - Shorthorn Heifer
Sire: Aviator
Dam: MFS Zena Solution 26W
DOB: 01/28/2021
Last but not least of of the Zena Aviator heifer's. A little different made than her two sisters. This heifer reminds me a lot of her mother in that we think she'll be a little later maturing than her two sisters. We love the extra attractiveness from the side and a heifer that stands down on more foot and bone than her two sisters. Have some patience with this one and I think she's go to really competitive in the show ring and excel in the pasture.

Tag 5 - Shorthorn Steer
Sire: BONL Authority
Dam: CF Pioneer x Ace of Diamonds
DOB: 02/01/2021
I can not say enough about what BONL Authority did in his first calf crop and this steer is a reason why. It's hard to make them this big backed and stout hipped while keeping them sound on their feet and legs. He's been a standout in this group since he hit the ground and we look forward to watching him over the next year.

Tag 6 - Crossbred Steer
Sire: In God We Trust
Dam: Uno Mas x Bojo
DOB: 02/01/2021
I'll admit that Dave deserves the credit on this one, because I wasn't overly thrilled when he told me what he bred this cow to last spring. Safe to say she's bred back the same way. Stout hipped, attractive made one that we think will be an easy one to feed. It also helps that he's puppy dog broke. If you have a young showman looking for great first project this one would be at the top of my list.

Tag 7 - Market Heifer
Sire: Wynne in Doubt
Dam: Dr. Who x Heat Seeker
DOB: 02/10/2021
It's hard to miss this one as she is striking to look at. Big boned, stout with a wicked front end. This heifer is a handful, but if you can get her relax we think she'll be very competitive in the market heifer division. *WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS HEIFER FOR A YOUNG OR INEXPERIENCED SHOWMAN*

Tag 8 - SimSolution (3/4) Heifer
Sire: W/C Relentless
Dam: HPRP Ambush 182X
DOB: 03/02/2021
HPRP Ambush 182X is a cow making machine and this heifer is no exception. A soft middled, easy fleshing heifer that's big boned and still attractive from the side. We think that this heifer will be competitive in the showring, but her worth is going to be in pasture. Oh and she's a Baldy!!!

Tag 9 - Chi & Mainetainer Heifer
Sire: I-80
Dam: SULL Who Dat Ginger 3241A
DOB: 03/07/2021
A really complete female out of the 2014 Reserve National Champion Chianina Female at the North American.Dual registered as a Mainetainer and a Chi.

Tag 10 - Simmental Heifer
Sire: W/C Relentless
Dam: Broker x HPRP Ambush 182X
DOB: 03/11/2021
One of our favorites and we are excited to see what this purebred simmental will do. A very complete functional type of female that really attactive through her from 1/3. This one may be a little greener than some you'll see this fall, but a little more time on feed and I think that she'll run with the best of them.

Tag 11 - Shorthorn Plus Heifer
Sire: BONL Authority
Dam: Meant 2 Be (3/4 Simmental)
DOB: 03/13/2021
We might be a little biased on this one, but we feel like we hit a homerun on this. Out of a first calf 3/4 Simmi heifer and our bull, BONL Authority, this one phenotypically checks all the boxes. Be sure to come check her out yourself!!!

Tag 12 - Shorthorn Plus & Chi Steer
Sire: Fu Man Chu
Dam: MEBC A Sinful Valentine
DOB: 03/14/2021
This one will definitely catch your attention when he comes in the ring. A square built and you can make one. Really square out of his shoulder and massive down his top. He does come with a bit of an attitude, but I think that will be managable with a little TLC. *WE WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS STEER FOR A YOUNG OR INEXPERIENCED SHOWMAN*

Tag 13 - Shorthorn Plus & Maine Steer
Sire: I-80
Dam: BONL Prime Lucy
DOB: 03/28/2021
This steer is a little younger, but we think he has a world of potential. Out of an absolute powerhouse of a cow that Emily Hoene purchased in our 2019 sale. Unfortornately she had her show career cut a little short due to COVID, but if this is any indication of what she'll do in the pasture look out. Be sure to come check out this dual registerable steer yourself!!